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RELIANCE Property Services

George Baral  RELIANCE Home Inspections - Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Malibu, Pacific Palisades, Culver City Home Inspector

As owner of RELIANCE Property Services, I provide the highest level of professional home inspection and commercial inspection services available. I will spend more time inspecting and talking with you than most home inspectors to reduce your uncertainties about the investment you are making as much as possible. You’ll get an education as well as an inspection if you accompany me on the inspection.

My written home inspection report is ready on-site for condos, or e-mailed the next day for houses or specialized inspections, and we discuss what I've found in a way that puts the property and its condition into perspective. I take the time to answer your questions so you are comfortable with your life's biggest purchase. We will discuss your repair options and costs generally, so you know what is involved. And you can call me anytime afterwards with more questions, I’m always available. I live by the California Real Estate Inspection Association (CREIA) Code of Ethics and am a Certified CREIA Inspector.

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With graduate degrees in business and chemistry, and varied life/business experience, I relate easily to a wide range of clients. I understand environmental issues so I can explain them accurately. The thoroughness of my inspection reassures everybody, and you'll appreciate how clearly I present my findings and alternative solutions. You can depend on me!

My experience includes thousands of physical and environmental inspections. These include regular inspections of properties to determine their condition and need for repair, as well as special purpose inspections for a variety of purposes. I have trained inspectors, developed inspection procedures and documentation systems including proprietary software, and conducted training courses and seminars for real estate agents and inspectors. RELIANCE has inspected a variety of property types, including houses, estate properties, condominium units and complexes, apartment buildings, commercial and industrial buildings, office buildings, shopping centers, high-rise buildings, theaters, and raw land.

In addition, I have conducted environmental inspections for mold, asbestos, radon, lead, formaldehyde, methane, carbon monoxide, and electromagnetic fields in buildings, water, soil, and air. I provide neighborhood environmental reports that compile information from all available databases to find out if there are any nearby environmental problems.

I have also operated a property repair and maintenance business and construction companies, supervising contractors and handymen. This has given me hands-on knowledge of how a property's systems and their components age and fail, and what is involved in their repair or replacement.

Memberships and Certifications

Through years of continuing home inspection, commercial inspection and environmental inspection training I am proud to list the memberships, credentials and certifications that I have earned.

Home Inspection Memberships, Credentials, Certifications

  • Certified CREIA Inspector: California Real Estate Inspection Association (CREIA)
  • Newsletter Editor: CREIA 1990-1991
  • Level 1 Certified Infrared Thermographer
  • California Licensed General Contractor
  • Certified Green Building Professional
  • M.B.A., Finance/Accounting (Stanford)
  • M.S., Organic Chemistry (University of Chicago)
  • B.A., Chemistry (Brandeis)
  • Member: American Chemical Society and ACS Environmental Division
  • Member California Association of Building Energy Consultants
  • Past President: Stanford Business School Alumni Association, L.A. Chapter
  • N.A.T.E. Certified Gas Furnaces Installation Technician
  • Certified Energy Analyst (CABEC), 2008 Residential Standards
  • Certified Energy Plans Examiner (CABEC), 2008 Non-ResidentialStandards
  • Certified Green Building Professional
  • EPA RRP Certified (Lead Paint)
  • Certified Light Commercial Air Balancer
  • Certified Residential Air Balancing and Diagnostic Technician
  • HVAC Performance Testing and System Diagnostics Certification


The best endorsement that any company or individual can have is from the clients that have already been severed. Through our years of service and thousands of inspections we have many clients that wish to tell about their experience with RELIANCE Home Inspections. Here are just a few.

I found George to be extremely thorough and helpful. In comparison to a West Hollywood home inspector we used from one of the other large and "reputable" inspection companies he was leaps and bounds better. The home inspector I used 2yrs ago did not provide any insight into the potential problems he sighted and ultimately ended missing other problems that should have been caught. Working with George is definitely reassuring and worth the extra couple hundred bucks. [on a $750 inspection]

Joe M.
West Hollywood

We were bidding on a "fixer" in Mar Vista and so wanted to make sure we had a very thorough home inspection. George was terrific in that he took the time to look at and document everything, and he explained each thing to us as we walked though the house together, and the relative importance of each issue. I would absolutely recommend him to any one who asks.

Jim S.
Mar Vista, CA

More Home Inspection Testimonials

George Baral is the best home inspector I have
used in Los Angeles / Beverly Hills over the last 15 years. His inspections
usually last much longer than average inspection because
he is SO thorough. I believe that his intelligence, education &
attention to detail is what sets him apart from all the others.

S. Stalford, Jr.
President - Stalford Homes
Beverly Hills, California

Sent 1/22/09

In February 2007 George inspected what is now my hillside home in Los Angeles. I cannot overemphasize his thoroughness or attention-to-detail. He answered all of my questions and his report was especially detailed, leaving out nothing. Before making a purchasing decision I felt incredibly confident that I was well informed. I would only call George for my next prospective purchase.

R. S. Clark
Los Angeles, CA

RELIANCE Home Inspection did a thorough job of inspecting my new condo in Santa Monica. Because of their expertise, I was able to have nooks and crannies fixed that I would have easily overlooked. I am confident that my new home is up to par and would highly recommend their services to all.

Virginia M.
Santa Monica

I'm telling you that you have no idea what it meant to me, for you to go over to my house in Malibu on such short notice and do your thing. I was at the end of my sanity with these people and when I said to Jan [RE agent] try and see if George is available, she said great idea, because you were also a mold expert. Jan said the buyers were very impressed with you and were hard pressed to nitpick which was their m.o. Escrow has closed and you have put an end to my nightmare. Thank you again for your expertise and for just being a good guy.

e-mail addresses available upon request

George Baral is by far the most thorough and detailed home inspector I
have ever met. Not only is he is friendly, but his attention to detail
and his obvious commitment to his job make him worth EVERY PENNY of what you will pay him. His inspection report is a guide book for pretty much everything needing attention in your home. He also does
mold testing, which I would recommend for anyone considering a house
with a musty smell. He takes his time and uncovers much more than your
typical inspector would find. It's truly inspiring to see someone take
this kind of pride in his job, especially when it's to educate and
protect people when they are making one of the biggest decisions in
their lives. RELIANCE gets an A+!!!!!!!!!




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