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Environmental Inspection Reports

Environmental Home Inspection Report

RELIANCE Home Inspections uses the resources of Environmental Data Resources, Inc. (EDR) to prepare your Neighborhood Environmental Report. EDR has been a national leader in the U.S. environmental information market since 1990 and is the recognized authority in providing environmental disclosure information for real estate transactions. EDR is the most trusted source of environmental risk information among environmental professionals, lenders, attorneys and corporations. In fact, EDR has worked closely with the EPA, the ASTM and other organizations to lead the development of national and international environmental reporting standards.

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The report provides you with important information and increases your peace of mind that there are no hidden problems, in most cases. Also, unlike neighborhood rumors and news hype, the report presents balanced information and relevant facts that will help you understand issues and make better decisions.

I can explain findings and answer most common questions. If you want more detailed information about a finding in the report, you can contact the government agency responsible for reporting and monitoring contaminated sites. All agency contact information is included in the report. 

In most cases when a significant issue is found, acquiring additional information and explanation will resolve any concerns. In the extremely rare cases when an environmental issue warrants further investigation, you can use the services of a local environmental consultant.

The vast majority of EDR Neighborhood Environmental Reports will not find significant environmental issues that can interfere with transactions. From a risk management standpoint, if a problem is found, it is in the best interest of all parties to have it reported. Also, keep in mind that identifying and properly reporting environmental issues during the home inspection reduces the chances for last minute surprises, difficult negotiations, and post-closing problems.


George Baral is the best home inspector I have used in Los Angeles over the last 15 years. His inspections usually last much longer than average inspection because he is SO thorough. I believe that his intelligence, education &
attention to detail is what sets him apart from all the others.

S. Stalford, Jr.
President - Stalford Homes
Beverly Hills, California

Sent 1/22/09



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