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Infrared Inspections

RELIANCE’s inspection services include evaluation of building components using infrared thermography. Using a Flir T-400 infrared camera (a significantly higher resolution instrument than most home inspectors use) and applying his knowledge as a building performance contractor and training as a Level 1 Certified Thermographer, George Baral can glean information about a building that is not available from visual inspection.

Analysis of the thermal patterns detected by the camera can:

  • reveal electrical defects that could result in a fire if not corrected
  • detect broken seals on double pane windows
  • detect deficiencies in the building insulation, both in walls and in attics
  • detect air leakage in the building shell, especially around windows, doors and other places where it might not be obvious
  • reveal moisture intrusion from plumbing leakage or exterior sources
  • detect roof leakage on flat roofs (requires inspection around/after sunset, shortly after rainfall or roof flooding)
  • reveal certain deficiencies in heating-air conditioning systems
  • evaluate the installation and function of electric and hydronic radiant heating systems
  • reveal certain deficiencies in building structures

Infrared inspection is beyond the scope of the basic home inspection, but specific additional inspections can be ordered in advance (the IR camera is too expensive an instrument to carry around all the time and leave in a hot car).

Infrared Electrical Inspection: evaluate electrical panels, $100 for the main panel plus $50 per subpanel (if any).

Limitation: defective breakers or breaker connections have to be drawing power at the time of inspection; we can turn everything on, but cannot know whether every breaker has current flowing through it.

Infrared Window Inspection: Evaluate double-glazed windows for failed seals. $100 for <2,000 sq. ft. house plus $25 per 500 sq. ft. over 2,000.

Infrared Radiant Heat Inspection: $100 for <2,000 sq. ft. of radiant heated area plus $25 per 500 sq. ft. over 2,000.

Infrared Heating-Ventilation-Air Conditioning (HVAC) Equipment Inspection: $100 per system, includes both blower/heater unit and compressor.

Comprehensive Infrared Inspection: $300/hour. Includes electrical, windows, radiant heat, insulation, moisture intrusion, air leakage (if desired), building structure (if desired), HVAC equipment, combustion appliances.


In February 2007 George inspected what is now my hillside home. I cannot overemphasize his thoroughness or attention-to-detail. He answered all of my questions and his report was especially detailed, leaving out nothing. Before making a purchasing decision I felt incredibly confident that I was well informed. I would only call George for my next prospective purchase.

R. S. Clark
Los Angeles, CA



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